A Guide to Canada and Italy

The author, Isabel Toledo, describes herself as a writer and editor with over ten years of experience. She is originally from Italy and has lived in Canada since she was a young girl. She is well versed in the language and culture of all three cultures.

Isabel has an interesting story about herself, her upbringing and her family. She describes her life as it occurred to her as if she is the one narrating it. It is a great story about growing up in Italy and her time in Canada. I also enjoyed how Isabel describes her daily life. It was also very interesting that she refers to things from the past.

Isabel is a good writer with good grammar. I liked that she includes a glossary at the end of the book. Glossaries are usually a good idea because they provide information about various phrases and words. This helps students who may have problems with learning new vocabulary or grammar. Glossaries are often included in textbooks for a student to check before studying a particular phrase.

Isabel does an excellent job of explaining the cultural differences between Canada and Italy. In this she explains how Italian women wear long dresses while Canadian women wear shorter dresses. She also discusses the differences in hair styles and what each style signifies. These types of cultural differences are important for students to learn about when they take a class on Canadian Culture.

As I was reading this book I had to stop several times to catch my breath. There were so many interesting details to remember. I was able to keep up with the writing pace throughout the entire book. There are also some sections where Isabel uses her own experiences as a way of presenting the book. For instance, she describes her time in Italy as an English Language teacher. Each section is written in first person. She has a clear voice and the use of short sentences makes them easy to understand.

The book is full of examples and information that you will find interesting. It will give you plenty to think about. It is a good introduction to Canada and Italy if you have never heard of either. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand more about these countries. If you have an interest in teaching language classes then I highly recommend this book.